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In She’s Electric, I’m meeting incredible, trailblazing female leaders. You’ll hear everything from career milestones to the worst problems they’ve faced in their road for success. The aim is to get you switched on, and inspire you to live your best life with passion, lighting up the world around you and help you feel like there’s nothing you can’t overcome.

Guests include: Ella Mills, Alice Liveing, Kristina Karlsson and more. These women share their motivation, their highs, their lows, and their insatiable energy.

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Self-Care for the Soul

Power up your brightest, boldest, happiest you

My first book in out on paperback! It's all about providing simple and relevant self-help tools and techniques for transforming your inner mindset, energy, perception and emotional state because, as we know, when we shift on the inside the outside world changes.

It is time to let go, to unpack the baggage, open your heart and mind to healing and emerge lighter, happier and more in tune with your vital self.



Your ideas, your hopes, your dreams. When you invest in your future through our work, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world.

10% of each TribeTonic membership is donated straight to the Altevette School in Nepal. The school provides accommodation and education to girls from impoverished families.

The children’s age varies from the youngest being 5 and the oldest being 18.  Some of the girls are orphans, others have no family members that are able to care for them due to extreme poverty or poor health and others have no access to schooling due to the remoteness of their homes or nomadic lifestyle.

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TribeTonic’s a no BS monthly membership and an online community packed-full of powerful wisdom. It’s effective, fun and fits into your busy life. It’s easy to stay committed, consistent, wobble-free and on track to a super sexy toned soul (no sweat involved, promise). After all, just as your body needs a good regular workout, your soul does too.

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